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Brianne Leary

PawPlunger Creator

Brianne Leary's unusual career path has taken her from Hollywood, to Afghanistan to New York City, from actress to war correspondent to writer and now, Creator!

If you're a pet lover you may know her as the host of the long running Animal Planet series Petsburgh. Brianne's love of animals on camera and off is why she created the PawPlunger®!

Living in New York City, where all dogs are indoor dogs, Brianne found it impossible to keep her apartment clean after her Wheaton Terrier, LuLu, came bounding in from her walks in Central Park.

Brianne is a firm believer that a dog should have the run of the house but not run the house. With that in mind, she came up with the idea of an easy, safe quick way to clean LuLu's paws before her prints became part of the d├ęcor!

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