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PawPlunger® The First Paw Cleaner of its kind on the Market

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5 Products That Make It Easy To Clean Your Dog’s Paws


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November 22nd 2012

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The Paw Plunger Is Proud To Announce Recent Awards

BlogPaws, the first and only online media company dedicated to pet bloggers and enthusiasts, announced The PawPlunger®as the Best Dog Product of 2012 Awards at this year’s Global Pet Expo, held February 29th – March 2nd, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The Next Big Zing Award Program is the only independent, professional based review board searching out and awarding the hottest trends and most innovative products of the year. Businesses submit their products for consideration; each product submitted is screened by their prestigious panel of judges for marketability, package design, retail placement, and of course consumer excitement. The Next Big Zing is excited to announce The PawPlunger® as their Winner of the Pet Category for 2012!

About PawPlunger®:

PawPlunger® gently, safely cleans paws BEFORE your pup cleans them on your best rug, new slipcovers or freshly mopped floor. No more struggling with your pup in the sink. PawPlunger® was invented to eliminate all that hassle, mess and stress for you and your best friend. PawPlunger® is easy to use, safe and affordable. It's the tool for ALL seasons; spring, summer, fall and of course, winter - where ice and snow-melting chemicals can burn and sting. See the extensive media coverage PawPlunger®has received and watch videos of this exciting product in action at".

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Pet Product Innovations, LLC.

Proud to announce

PawPlunger® The First Paw Cleaner of its kind on the Market,

An Innovative Way To Clean Your Pet's Paws


Muddy paw prints on your carpets and floors can soon be a thing of the past. A safe and effective way to clean your pet’s paws is now widely available. PawPlunger®, with patented bristles that work swiftly and gently will have your pup’s paws clean in no time, without the hassle of bathing or struggling with a wet towel.

Dogs enjoy playing out in the snow, mud and can often get dirty while enjoying the local dog park or your back yard. That doesn’t mean you want to clean up a mess each time.

PawPlunger® will save you a fortune on dry cleaning, and floor cleaning products, not to mention your valuable time, paying for itself in no time at all. PawPlunger® is easy to use, safe and affordable.

How It Works:

First you fill PawPlunger® with water up to the top of the first row of bristles.

Then you gently place your pup’s paw into PawPlunger®, and plunge by moving the PawPlunger® up and down. PawPlunger® is paw-friendly, so you may gently plunge as many times as necessary. The PawPlunger® is provided with a soft rubber squeegee that covers the opening to help shed water and debris and prevent the paw from scraping against the rim of the device as it is removed. After cleaning each paw of dirt, mud, ice or salt and chemicals, thoroughly dry with a nearby towel.

You can see for yourself how easy the PawPlunger® works by visiting


  • Cleaning the PawPlunger® is quick and easy, just rinse it out and let it air dry. PawPlunger® is leak proof, and spill proof and works best when filled just before using.
  • PawPlunger® is suggested for year round use spring, summer, fall and of course, winter --where ice and snow-melting chemicals can burn and sting.
  • The PawPlunger® comes in three different sizes, petite, medium and large.

The PawPlunger® can be found at independent pet retailers throughout the country. Zeus and Company is the exclusive distributor and owner David Levy says this product is very popular “This is great for all year round, so we have customers in Minnesota with extreme weather conditions and then we have California where pets are dealing with sand and mud so the PawPlunger® has become a great solution for many pet owners,” said Levy.

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