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What a great product! To be able to rinse a dog's foot without putting the dog into a bath tub is very helpful. Trying to clean a foot with a wet towel or cloth really only gets the surface debris off. With the Paw Plunger, all of the surface debris and the debris deep in the haircoat can be floated out and then discarded. We tried it in our veterinary practice and found it easy to fill, easy to use to clean a dog's foot and found that the animals really did not mind the process at all.

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I would certainly recommend the Paw Plunger to my clients. It should be a fixture in any dog owner's home be it city or country. I think it would prevent foot irritation from winter ice melt chemicals and from summer lawn chemicals as well as cleaning away mud and other dirt that a dog would normally track into the apartment or house.

It was my pleasure to try out the Paw Plunger and I found it easy to use, easy to clean and it is certainly easy to store by the door. Thumbs up for this great product.

Sincerely, William R. Haagenson, D.V.M

We have used baby wipes, towels, a basin filled with water to get our two big dogs' muddy feet clean. They are all history now!! I was uncertain whether our dogs would let us use the Paw Plunger on their feet. My husband and I were both amazed that both dogs accepted it with no problem, and how clean their paws were after just two dips in the Plunger. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! ------

Leslie Walker
Macomb, Illinois
Home of Sadie and Mollie

I just wanted to say thank you for delivering my Paw Plunger so quickly! I've used it twice so far and all I can say is "this is GENIUS!!!" Why didn't I think of it:) I think you're going to make a million with this... I'm telling all my dog owning friends! Thanks again for a wonderful product and fast delivery!

-- Susan Schouwenaar
Children's Services Program Director
"Innovative programming that supports academic excellence!"

I just used the pawplunger for the first time and am delighted with it. WOW! I have two standard poodles - one black and one creme. That makes for 8 muddy feet after our walks and backyard play. The design of the Paw Plunger that makes it easily accepted by dogs and humans. The dogs didn't struggle in the least when I used the paw plunger for the first time and it worked like a charm. Just like cleaning off golf balls! Great idea. Great design. Thank you.

Lorraine Harper, Allentown, PA

My sister bought this for me, i thought another piece of junk. i tried it and loved it. i can clean my dogs paws in atleast half the time and my dog does'nt even mind. she is kind of a jumpy thing, did'nt even phase her. I AM NOT KIDDING...THIS THING IS GREAT!!!!!

Kathy M. Schriever

I must say this paw plunger is a dream come true! I have 6 dogs and they love to play in the yard but I dread it when it's time for them to come in the house but with this paw plunger it's incredible. The dogs don't even give me a hard time! I simply take one dog at a time and dip their paws in the plunger and dry it with a towel and then they are off. I couldn't ask for a better product!

Thank you,
Kelly Pelekanos
Woodhaven, NY

You will really appreciate the PawPlunger if you've ever struggled with dipping your dog's dirty feet in an open bucket of water that is spilling all over the floor. It is a simple buy ingenious way to clean off dog's paws after a romp in the dirt or mud. It is also an effective way to remove the ice and salt that is so irritating to their feet in the winter. The PawPlunger is deep enough to cover the paws of all breeds and the brush bristles are soft enough that it can also be safely used for medicated shampoos and dips for dogs with pododermatitis (foot infections). Great addition to the tools we have to keep our dogs clean and healthy!

Dr. Bonnie Brown, DVM
Ansonia Veterinary Hospital, NYC

Wanted to let you know, LOVE THE PAWPLUNGER!! Works great, after using for a week and when I washed my dog, he was not hardly dirty like before. Thanks for your great invention!!


Thank you so much for the Paw Plunger. Nellie loves to use it and over the last few days we have used it a lot because of all the rain. It is so easy to use and I have to admit, I do get a little excited to use it.
Thank you for saving our furniture and NEW carpet! See you in the park tomorrow!
Best, Nellie and Andrew

When you are a "neat freak" like me a product like Paw Plunger is a must! I can leave the handsome looking paw plunger right by the door where Shamrock comes in to the kitchen. It is simple to use and Shamrock is very comfortable using it. Shamrock happens to be a Wheaton as well but I'd encourage all dog owners to buy your product. Afterall it only costs $30 - what does it cost to have a carpet or upholstery cleaner come in to the house? I'll spread the word to all my family and friends who have dogs. Thanks for helping keep my house as clean as I like it!

Shevon Hickey
West Hartford, CT

We tested the Paw Plunger this weekend at our house on 5 greyhounds and it passed with flying colors. Greyhounds are generally very sensitive about having their paws touched but all of them did not mind at all having their muddy paws dipped into the Plunger. And with dogs ranging from 75-100 lbs. we're talking a lot of mud. Their paws emerged from the Plunger clean as a whistle.

As we say in the world of rescued worked just "GREYT". "

Dad of "Paco & Carlos"

I just tried out the Paw Plunger you sent me and I was amazed at the ease of use and effectiveness. Currently our two labs enjoy spending time in the back yard and today it was raining heavily with lots of mud. Normally the yard would be off limits on such a day as today but I saw it is an opportunity to try out the Paw Plunger and it worked extremely well as you already know.

Thank you for bringing such a useful and effective product to market.
Regards, Patrick

Just wanted to let you know, your PawPlunger is FANTASTIC!! It works wonders for my dog's filthy feet...and my new house!! Thank you again! I've happily given you some on-air plugs.

Take care, Sue

Sue Deyell
Morning Show Co-Host
Classic Rock Q107

This is superb! What a wonderful idea! They should write you up in Fortune -- middle and large dog owners have been waiting for this day. This is great for a day at the beach, before getting into the car!


QUESTION: Do you have them in colors?

Thanks again, Sue R.

Thank you for making sure I received a "Paw Plunger"! It is fabulous!

Our Cocker Spaniel is so relaxed about having his paws cleaned it's amazing! He used to resemble a "bucking-bronco" when we did the water-in-a-bowl routine. What a pleasant surprise!

Rich B., CT

A few weeks ago, a package arrived at our house containing the Paw Plunger. It arrived at a time when our backyard had once again become very wet and muddy....and we can't say enough good things about the Paw Plunger - it works GREAT!! We have used it many times over the past few weeks. Our Golden Retriever, Boomer, was cooperative about using it right from day one and, boy, has it made our lives easier, since the style of our raised ranch-style house did not make for an easy job of trying to clean him up after he would go bounding through the backyard chasing after squirrels and rabbits.

-- JoAnn & Bill (and the Great Dog Boomer)

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